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J' Ma is a Taiwanese Australian actress with a very confident, determined and infectious personality.

J' Ma was born in Taiwan and at moved to Australia at a young age.  She discovered her passion for performing when she was just a child.

J Ma is a strong, driven and sassy actress with her vast training experience. She continues to strive to be the best performer she can be. 

J Ma is a multilingual professional who is ambitious and passionate about the film and television.


"Being an actress is a shared experience between humans that creates emotions, this enables us to connect with the world, provide change growth and healing" 

J Ma is a strong advocate for diversity in the entertainment industry and believes that roles should not be subjective to one look.

J Ma has been cast in a number of short films, Feature film and Series such as 'Death Raw' (2019),  'Waters and 'Dingo' (2019).  'The Brighton Miracle' (2019) 'How Not to Teach' (2019)  ". 'Breaking Tradition' (2020 ) 'Together' (2020 ) 'Jiva' (2020), 'Deranged' (2020) 'Black Water Abyss' (2020 ) 'The Last Animal' (2020) , 'Hollowed Stone' (2020) , 'Love Unseen' (2021) and she is currently filming a feature film Life Goes On" (2021)



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