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J Ma is a Taiwanese Australian actress with a very confident, determined and infectious personality.

J Ma was born in Taiwan and at the age of 13 moved to Australia. At a young age J Ma discovered her passion for performing.

J Ma is a strong, driven and sassy actress with her vast training experience. She continues to strive to be the best performer she can be. 

J Ma is a multilingual professional who is ambitious and passionate about the film and television.


"Being an actress is a shared experience between humans that creates emotions, this enables us to connect with the world, provide change growth and healing" J Ma

J Ma is a strong advocate for diversity in the entertainment industry and believes that roles should not be subjective to one look.

J Ma has been cast in a number of short films, Feature film and Series such as 'Death Raw' (2019),  'Waters and 'Dingo' (2019).  'The Brighton Miracle' (2019) 'How Not to Teach' (2019)  "Life Goes on" (2020). 'Breaking Tradition' (2020 ) 'Together' (2020 ) 'Jiva' (2020), 'Deranged' (2020) 'Black Water Abyss' (2020 ) 'The Last Animal' (2020) , 'Hollowed Stone' (2020) , 'Love Unseen' (2021) and she is currently filming a series "Mystery Exposed" (2021)